Brain Sciences


Alex Addo

Photo of Alex smiling at the camera, he is wearing a suit.

How long have you been at UCL and what is your current role?

I have been working at UCL since January 2009 - 12½ years! I started at within the Graduate Admissions Office and then moved to QSIoN in 2016, where I began as a Teaching & Learning Administrator and was promoted to Deputy Education Manager. In February 2021 I started my new role as Education Manager at the Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO), leading our newly formed Education Team. I have also found it very beneficial to take on several secondments which have enhanced my experience and networking skills.

What working achievements are you most proud of?

Although related to my previous post I am very proud of the work done on the undergraduate medical elective programme at QSIoN, which I used to administer. The programme was transformed creating many more activities for students to take part in and they were made to feel like part of the wider UCL community. I am especially proud of the support and work done in conjunction with David Blundred (QSIoN) and Gaynor Jones (from the Medical School) on securing an agreement with UCLH Trust so that undergraduate and PGT across the faculty could access facilities within the Trusts hospitals much more easily.

What is your favourite album, film, and novel?

  • Album: Argh, too many to choose from (eclectic taste when it comes to music and films)
  • Film: The Goonies to The Warriors (and everything in between)
  • Novel: George Orwell’s Animal Farm

What do you like best about working in the Faculty of Brain Sciences?

There is a great sense of community among colleagues and all those I know and have worked with are always ready to share their knowledge and are very friendly. We all know why we are here and work to make the experience for students and colleagues alike as great as possible. The ability to network across the faculty is one of the highlights for me as you are able to gain support and learn from one another, even from those not in the same role as you.

What are your future goals?

I am very focused on my new role and building on what is already a very strong Education Team. I will continue to develop my managerial skills and style, while maintaining the wellbeing of my staff, but my goal to lead a large team has been met. My goal now is to make the Education Team the central hub and first point of contact for all queries relating to education in the IoO.