Brain Sciences


How to Apply


Applications for 2023/24 are now closed


Complete the application form found below in full, attach the lead applicant’s CV (self-chosen form, no more than 4 pages) and send it to fbs.edi@ucl.ac.uk. Please address the above research priorities, eligibility, and selection criteria as much as possible when you describe the aims and methodology of the project.

Filling in the Application and Other Requirements


Please provide a budget for the proposed project, justifying all expenses with as much detail as possible (e.g. rate of subject payments per hour, precise equipment needed and cost).

The budget section of the application describing anticipated expenditure must be completed with costs appropriate to the proposal and approved by the lead applicant’s Head of Department. Please note that the panel of experts judging the proposals may recommend adjustments to the funding of a project if it is found to be over or underbudgeted. Still, budgets themselves do not constitute a criterion for ranking. The latter will be based only on the criteria outlined above, and the best-ranked projects will be awarded the funds until the fund’s budget is exhausted.


Applicants are asked to state whether they already have the relevant research ethical approvals or require an amendment to existing approvals. Given the tight timeframe of this call, applications for existing and current running projects are allowed, but the applicants will have to clarify the added value of the funding for the research aims.

Mitigating Risks

Given the previous coronavirus pandemic, we expect applicants to devise protocols that include mitigation strategies should further lockdowns/social distancing measures be imposed during the project, including telemedicine/digital health or remote assessments.


Given the sensitive nature of some EDI projects and data, the centre will ask all successful applicants to work with us to strike the right balance and tone in communications and publications about EDI research, particularly when the latter involves UCL staff or students.

If a project is (wholly or partly) funded by us and it involves data from UCL staff or students at UCL, we will require all applicants to submit any drafts to be published or publicly shared work to the ERB Advisory Board at least one month before the intended publication. The Board will not interfere with the research directly, but it will consider whether your draft poses any reputational or other risks to UCL students, staff, the Faculty or UCL and will make recommendations to you, as well as communicate such risks to the relevant UCL parties so they have advance notice and the necessary time to prepare their response. We understand that this may mean an added delay to your publication plans, and we will do the best we can to speed up the process, but EDI data are a very particular category of data, and when these data belong to the staff or students of the Institution that has also funded the research, particular risks need to be considered, beyond the ones typically dealt with by Research Ethics committees.