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About the Centre for Equality Research in Brain Sciences

About the Centre for Equality Research in Brain Sciences Vision and Mission.

At the Centre for Equality Research in Brain Sciences we aim to explore directly the different ways that protected characteristics such as gender, or race interact with, and influence, neuroscience and mental research and practice, and related health and career outcomes, within and outside UCL. At the core of our work is the belief that EDI research is a key contributor to the improvement of neuroscientific research content and culture, as well as physical and mental health outcomes for all. 

Our vision

Foster a world-leading tradition of outstanding equality research in brain and mind sciences and a recognisable brand of equality research expertise that establishes new global standards of knowledge generation, culture and practice

The UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences is aiming to create an internationally recognised Institute for research excellence on equality. The Institute of Equality Research in Brain Sciences (the ERB Institute) will bring together, support and promote an impactful network of interdisciplinary researchers to foster understanding and solutions regarding equality challenges in science, academia and beyond. The ERB Institute will be a focal point for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) research community, adding value to current research partnerships and building stronger future capacity within and beyond UCL. Ultimately, the ERB Institute aims to realise the ambitious vision of building a world-leading tradition and a recognisable brand for outstanding equality research that establishes new global standards and becomes a beacon of equality expertise and best EDI practice.

Our mission

Support, connect and promote researchers to generate understanding and solutions regarding equality challenges in the content, systemic processes and culture of science, education, in policy and in society

EDI is a key strategic priority for UCL and the Faculty, as well as all our major funders (e.g. UKRI, NIHR, Wellcome Trust) and collaborating Institutions, and there is already an outstanding record of EDI research and practice. Yet research and practice are widely distributed across the Institution and their many external partners. There are significant opportunities to strengthen research links and collaborations, and enhance practice, particularly with a view to enabling EDI expertise building in specific brain and mind fields, as well as fostering outstanding interdisciplinary research beyond these fields, and partnerships beyond academia. The ERB Institute will be seeking to extend engagement also to new partners, including those not currently well-represented such as technological, AI and digital innovators, academic societies and associations, publishing institutions, primary education providers, industry, policy makers and research service users.



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