Brain Sciences


Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

To encourage interdisciplinary thinking and foster scientific collaboration, RIGs will provide a forum for researchers and clinicians from various disciplines to discuss and exchange ideas.

RIG1: Inclusive Research Sampling

Current leads: Dr Natalie Marchant, DoP and Prof. Hugo Spiers, PALS

Vision: A core pillar of equality research is to ensure that the participants we study are representative of the population of interest. For example, it is well-documented that minoritized groups have poorer mental and brain health outcomes, yet they are systematically under-represented in neuroscientific and mental health research. This RIG will therefore in the first instance seek to understand and consolidate recruitment approaches currently used to increase ethnic diversity in our research and generate and widely share the relevant knowledge of how to conduct inclusive research. It aims to raise funds and organise events and seminars very soon. The RIG welcomes members and suggestions and other expressions of interest. Please email the Leads.

RIG2: Co-production and Co-delivery

Current lead: Georgia Pavlopoulou, PaLS 

Vision: This RIG aims to develop and evaluate a co-production approach to strategic, inclusive decision-making in research. Through working with individuals and communities from minoritised groups, their lived experience positions them as powerful collaborators in research through shared decision-making. This RIG will bring together and coordinate other staff across the Faculty of Brain Sciences who are interested in co-production, engagement and participatory research, to discuss and generate and guidelines and other outputs to help researchers the co-production and co-delivery of their research projects. 

RIG3: Equitable Neuroscience Methods Under Development. News expected in soon...

If you are interested in setting up a research interest group, please contact  fbs.edi@ucl.ac.uk