UCL Division of Biosciences


CCMN Lecture Series

The CCMN lecture series features internal and external invited speakers who are the leading researchers in the field of metabolic and cardiovascular neuroscience and physiology. The CCMN lecture series provides opportunities to meet the speakers and is aimed at fostering wide interaction and collaboration.

This Lecture Series is open for UCL staff and students and their guests to attend. Please contact Dr Anna Roberts with any questions. 

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Thursday 30th November 2023
Professor Amanda Page; University of Adelaide
‘Gastrointestinal Vagal Afferent Plasticity in Health and Disease’
Cruciform, Lecture Theatre 2 
Thursday 14th December 2023
Professor David Hodson; University of Oxford
‘Visualizing and interrogating GLP1R and GIPR signaling from the single molecule to the whole organism’ 
Cruciform, Lecture Theatre 2 

Thursday 25th January 2024

Professor Gareth Ackland; Queen Mary University of London
Autonomic dysfunction as a direct cause of organ injury’
Medawar, G01 Lankester Lecture Theatre 
Friday 09th February 2024
Professor Tom Foltynie; University College London 
‘Exenatide as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease’
Medawar, G01 Lankester Lecture Theatre 
Thursday 22nd February 2024
Inscopix - Minicscope Seminar
'A turnkey solution for single photon brain imaging during behaviour'
AV Hill Lecture Theatre, Room 131 Medical Sciences
Thursday 29th February 2024 
Dr Ernesto Ciabatti; University of Cambridge
Novel approaches for functional connectomics in mammals’
Medawar, G01 Lankester Lecture Theatre 
Wednesday 6th March 2024
Dr Brian LamUniversity of Cambridge
'The spatiocellular map of the hypothalamus'
LG17 Lecture room, Bentham House
Thursday 21st March 2024 

Professor Tricia Tan; Imperial College London
'Glucagon receptor agonism and amino acid metabolism - trouble for dual agonists'

Medawar, G02 Watson Lecture Theatre 
Thursday 25th April 2024 
Professor Christophe Magnan; Unversité Paris Cité
'Brain fatty acid sensing and nervous control of energy balance'
Cruciform, Lecture Theatre 2 
Monday 20th May 2024
Dr Ben Reiner; University of Pennsylvania Cruciform, Lecture Theatre 2 
Thursday 30th May 2024 
Professor Giuseppe Gangarsoosa; Unversité Paris Cité
'The paraventricular thamalus: a new player in the control of feeding behaviours and energy balance'
Medawar, G01 Lankester Lecture Theatre