UCL Division of Biosciences


Academic Staff

Nazif Alic

Professor in Biology of Ageing

Aida Andres

Professor in Evolutionary Genetics

Jürg Bähler

Professor of Molecular Systems Biology

Francois Balloux

Professor of Computational Systems Biology

Lawrence Bellamy

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Isabel Bishop

Lecturer (Teaching) Ecology


Tim Blackburn

Professor of Invasion Biology

Jon Bridle

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Hernán A. Burbano

Associate Professor of Ancient Plant Genomics

Flo Camus

NERC Independent Research Fellow

Helen Chatterjee

Professor of Biology

Julia Day

Professor of Zoology


Lucy van Dorp

Senior Research Fellow

Lazaros Foukas

Associate Professor

Kevin Fowler

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

David Gems

Professor of Biogerontology

Rory Gibb

UCL Excellence Fellow

Duncan Greig

Professor of Genetics

Kate Jones

Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity

Steve Jones FRS

Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics

Kerri Kinghorn

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow

Johnathan Labbadia

BBSRC David Phillips Fellow

Nick Lane

Professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry

Jim Labisko

Teaching Fellow

Elvira Mambetisaeva

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Nikolas Maniatis

Professor of Human Genetics

Ferdinand Marletaz

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Rahia Mashoodh

Excellence Fellow

Daniel Maynard

Associate Professor in Quantitative Ecology

Richard Mott

Weldon Professor of Computational and Statistical Genetics

Gemma Murray

Senior Research Fellow

David Murrell

Professor of Theoretical Biology

Tim Newbold

Royal Society University Principal Research Fellow

Anna Newman-Griffis

Lecturer (Teaching)

Teresa Niccoli

Alzheimer's Research UK Fellow

Paola Oliveri

Professor of Developmental and Evolutionary Biology

Dame Linda Partridge FRS FRSE FMedSci

Professorial Research Fellow

Andrew Pomiankowski

Division of Biosciences Director

Richard Pearson

Professor of Ecology

Alex Pigot

Royal Society Principal Research Fellow

Max Reuter

Professor of Evolutionary Genetics

Adam Rutherford

Lecturer in Biology and Society

Maria Secrier

Associate Professor in Computational Biology

Wenying Shou

Professor of Quantitative and Evolutionary Biology

Seirian Sumner

Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Dallas Swallow

Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics

Professor Gail Taylor

Dean, UCL Faculty of Life Sciences, Quain Professor of Botany

Max Telford

Jodrell Chair in Zoology and Comparative Biology

Mark Thomas

Professor of Evolutionary Genetics

Chris Thompson

Head of Department

Ziheng Yang FRS

R.A. Fisher Chair of Statistical Genetics