UCL Division of Biosciences


Computational Biology: Impact

Discover some examples of how computational biology research in the Division is having impact outside academia.

Protein Structure
Protein function tool helps accelerate diagnosis and drug discovery

UCL researchers have developed a new online tool to predict the structure and function of proteins, which can help in medical diagnosis and drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

Computational Biology
Accelerating antibody-based medicine development

Research at UCL has led to creation of web-based computational tools to help pharmaceutical companies develop antibody-based drugs more efficiently, resulting in over 200 patent applications.

Field and lake with animals grazing on field
Biodiversity indicators to inform international conservation policy 

The IUCN Red List, which is based on criteria developed by researchers at UCL and IoZ, has become a key information source for monitoring the status of global biodiversity.

Understanding disease spill-over from wildlife to improve public health

UCL and Institute of Zoology researchers have identified what drives transfer of diseases from wildlife to people, predicting emerging disease hotspots and informing disease management globally.