UCL Division of Biosciences


History of UCL Biosciences

The UCL Divison of Biosciences has a long-standing tradition of answering fundamental questions in biosciences. We are one of the world’s leading centres for research and teaching in the biological sciences, and one of the largest groupings of life scientists in the UK.

History of GEE

GEE has been home to some of the greatest figures of evolutionary biology and genetics from JBS Haldane, Peter Medawar and Sue Povey to our current world-leading scientists.

Comparative Anatomy Lecture Theatre UCL 1882

History of the Anatomy Laboratory

Learn about the early years of anatomy at UCL and how they were shaped by distinguished scholars and thinkers.

CDB research

History of CDB

The history of CDB stretches back to the foundation of UCL in 1826, when the Chairs of Anatomy and Comparative Anatomy were created as two of the original twenty-four at the College.


History of NPP

NPP has been home to some of the greatest figures of physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience from Bernard KatzAndrew Huxley and Ernest Starling to our current world-leading scientists.

jack drummond

History of SMB

From the provision for chemical physiology as early as 1909 to the groundbreaking work by Robert Plimmer, Jack Drummond and many more, UCL has been at the cutting edge of biochemistry research for over 100 years.