Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Societies Year 1 choices

The modules listed below are designated as best encapsulating the conception of the Societies Pathway and are chosen to allow progression to the most number of higher level courses. Whilst every effort has been made to timetable these modules so that there are no clashes between any of them, we cannot guarantee that every combination is 100% clash-free.

Please note: module availability and content may be subject to change.

CodeTitlecreditsPrerequisitemodule level taught
ANTH0004Introduction to Social Anthropology15 Level 4Term 1
ANTH0005Introduction to Social Anthropology15 Level 4Term 2
ANTH0011Documentary Film-Making15 Level 4Term 1
ARCL0004World Archaeology: from early states to globalisation15 Level 4Term 2
BASC0041Introduction into Politics: Key Concepts and Texts15 Level 4Term 2
CLAS0008Ancient Ideas in the Modern World15 Level 4Term 2
(only open to students majoring in Societies)
30A* in A Level Maths (or equivalent) and MATH0012Level 4Terms 1 & 2
ECON0095Introduction to Economics A15A* in A Level Maths (or equivalent) and MATH0012Level 4Term 1
GEOG0015Global Events15 Level 4Term 1
HEBR0006Religion, State and Society15 Level 4Term 2
HPSC0004Philosophy of Science 115 Level 4Term 1
HPSC0006Science Policy15 Level 4Term 2
HPSC0010History of Modern Science15 Level 4Term 2
LAWS0009Law in Action15 Level 4Term 2
PHIL0006Introduction to Moral Philosophy15 Level 4Term 2
PHIL0007Introduction to Political Philosophy15 Level 4Term 1
SESS0007Introduction to Microeconomics15A Level Maths (or equivalent) strongly recommendedLevel 4Term 1
SESS0008Introduction to Macroeconomics15A Level Maths (or equivalent) strongly recommendedLevel 4Term 2
SESS0082Introduction to International Relations15 Level 4Term 1
SESS0013Understanding Society: Introduction to Social Theory15 Level 4Term 1
SESS0014Understanding Society: Introduction to Political Sociology15 Level 4Term 2
SOCS0028Understanding Social Policy15 Level 4Term 1

Year 2 and Final Year

Information on course choices for the second and final year can be found by clicking on the following links: