Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Key Contacts

The Departmental Administrator, Angela Vaughn, is the first point of contact for enquiries about:

  • Module Changes
  • Seminar Amendments (for BASc-coded modules only)
  • Extenuating Circumstances applications
  • Absence reporting 

Angela can be contacted at basc-office@ucl.ac.uk

Students should contact their Personal Tutor about the following:

  • Advice on module selection
  • Pastoral help (issues that are having a minor effect on their studies - i.e. not likely to require an interruption of studies, withdrawal from degree programme, or have a major impact on exams/coursework)
  • Advice on course requirements and regulations
  • Reference requests

Contact details for Personal Tutors can be found under ‘Academic Staff

Students should contact the Departmental Tutor, Dr Graham Woodgate, about the following:

  • Changes to registration status (requests to change degree programmes, interrupt studies, withdraw from their degree programme).
  • Pastoral issues that are likely to have a major effect on their studies (perhaps requiring an interruption of studies, alternative assessment, an extended absence from UCL, etc.)
  • When referred to the Departmental Tutor by their Personal Tutor / BASc office.
  • If the student has an issue which they feel hasn't been adequately addressed by their Personal Tutor.

Graham can be contacted at g.woodgate@ucl.ac.uk.

BASc students can also contact their Academic Representative about matters they would like discussed at the Staff-Student Consultative Committee.

The Study Abroad Officer, Elena Méndez-Piedra Paredes, is the first point of contact for enquiries about:

  • Switching onto or off of the year abroad option for your degree
  • Questions about your application to your host institution
  • Any issues you might have whilst on your year abroad
  • Questions or concerns you might have before or after your year abroad

You can find more information about studying abroad at: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/basc/study-abroad and you can contact Elena at basc-office@ucl.ac.uk.