Arts and Sciences (BASc)


BASC0029 End-of-Year Lab Conference

At the end of the first year, all students are required to attend the compulsory BASC0029 End-of-Year Lab Conference.

In the 2018/19 academic year, this will take place from Tuesday 26 May to Thursday 6 June (inclusive) 2019, which are the last two weeks of the summer term.

The idea of the course is that it’s both fun and gets students a little out of their comfort zone. The objective is that students do something to generate some data (an “experiment”) and then process that data with some of the skills they have learnt over the year. The “experiments” are done in groups and assessed by a short report and a group presentation.

Students get together in a group (of about 6 people) and come up with ideas for their own “experiment”. Of course, we will help you refine and develop your idea for your own experiment into something that will generate some interesting data.

Some examples of self-organised experiments undertaken by students in previous years are:

  • Measuring water usage in UCL toilets
  • Working out the fastest way to visit every tube station
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • An analysis of how many of other people's photos we may be in when walking through London's tourist spots
  • UCL energy consumption
  • A programme to help students find the best place to live in London
  • Finding the best transport routes around London, using five different transport methods
  • Performing market research for an internet charity company
  • Predicting sports results
  • Textual analysis