Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Coursework and essays

The deadline for you to receive marks and feedback from your coursework / in-class tests / end of year exams is four weeks after the submission deadline or date of the test / exam. This four week period includes any bank holidays.

Any results you receive for essays or coursework are referred to as your ‘raw’ or ‘provisional’ marks because they still need to be reviewed by an external (to UCL) examiner and then ratified by the UCL Exam Boards which are held in June.

Therefore, your final (or confirmed) marks for the year are not released on Portico until late July / early August, although you may receive an earlier indication of your final marks in late June / early July from the BASc Office.

If the BASc Office provide you with your unconfirmed results, then these will be in numerical format for any BASc coded course and as a letter grade for all pathway and language courses. The letter grades correlate to the UCL mark scale as follows:

  • A = 70 and above
  • B = 60-69
  • C = 50-59
  • D = 40-49
  • F = Fail