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This page displays the publications produced from the Greening the Recovery in Ghana and Zambia project.


Policy brief: Electricity investment needs to meet the GH-NDC targets

3 November 2021

This policy brief outlines the large investments required for the energy sector in Ghana as the country recovers from COVID-19 and accelerates growth. 

How can a green recovery from COVID-19 be achieved in Ghana?

18 October 2021

This policy brief disucsses how Ghana can achieve a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more...

COVID-19 Recovery in Zambia: An opportunity for inclusive climate action

29 September 2021

This policy briefing explores how the Zambia’s Economic Recovery Programme, national development plans and climate action goals can be integrated to ensure a climate compatible and inclusive recovery. Find out more...

Briefing paper: Greening the Recovery in Ghana and Zambia

4 March 2021

This project briefing outlines the work of the project which will focus on the opportunities for integrating economic recovery and climate change policies in Ghana and Zambia. Find out more...