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COVID-19 Recovery in Zambia: An opportunity for inclusive climate action

29 September 2021

Researchers publish a new policy briefing for Greening the Recovery in Ghana and Zambia project.

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In common with many other countries, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on Zambia’s economy have been considerable. This policy briefing explores how the Zambia’s Economic Recovery Programme, national development plans and climate action goals can be integrated to ensure a climate compatible and inclusive recovery. The briefing has been published as part of a series that have been commissioned by the Climate Compatible Growth research programme in conjunction with the COP26 unit in the UK government. These briefings are designed to provide policy makers and negotiators with access to research that is relevant to the COP26 agenda.

The briefing concludes with four policy recommendations for the newly elected Zambian administration: 

  1. There needs to be a more aggressive approach to mainstreaming climate change into Zambia’s development and economic recovery plans
  2. Covid recovery support should be targeted at sectors that can improve environmental sustainability
  3. To prevent increased emissions from land use change, a clear policy and regulatory framework is required to govern forest carbon credits and the agricultural sector 
  4. Adequate financing is required for capacity building, research and development information dissemination

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