UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Stacey Wells-Moultrie

Thesis title: Achieving sustainability in Small Island Developing States

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are a unique group of countries, characterized by small size,exposure to major natural hazards, fragile ecosystems, high vulnerability to sea level rise, labourmarket instability, external dependence and small economies of scale. Due to these characteristics, achieving sustainability is vital for these countries’ continued existence.

Using The Bahamas as a case study, this research will employ the Sustainability Gap (SGAP) framework developed by Paul Ekins in the late 1990s to assess sustainability in a small island. The tool has only previously been used in large countries. Once the SGAP is determined, the IDA3 model based on the resource nexus and circular economy principles will be utilized to explore ways of reducing the sustainability gap.


Stacey holds a Masters of Marine Management from Dalhousie University and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning specializing in Sustainability from the University of Florida. She works as an environmental planner in the private sector in The Bahamas.