UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


PhD students

Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Shalabi
Thesis title: Provision of sustainable water and electricity in the State of Kuwait
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Jabraan Ahmed
Thesis title: Towards sustainable and risk free gas production from an unconventional source
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Theo Arvanitopoulos
PhD Student 
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Lilia Caiado Coelho Beltrao Couto
Thesis title: Assessment of the Socioeconomic Impacts and Resource Management for Alternative Renewable Power Generation in Brazil
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Simon Damkjaer
PhD Student
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Reshma Gurung
Thesis title: Development strategies for e-mobility: a techno-economic approach
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Sumit Kothari
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Marie Longnecker
PhD Student
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Thuy Duong Khuu
PhD Student
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Seyed Mehdi Mohaghegh
PhD Student
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Dongyang Pan (潘冬阳)
Thesis title: Green Financial Policy and Sustainable Development in China
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Ruya Perincek
PhD Student
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Niranjana Ramesh
Thesis title: Sustainable politics of urban water governance
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Theo Semertzidis
Thesis title: The energy-water nexus in Brazil
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Bernard Tembo
Thesis title: Energy efficiency in the Zambian copper industry
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Arkaitz Usubiaga
Thesis title: Are European production and consumption patterns environmentally sustainable?
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Daniel Welsby
Thesis title: Modelling Global Natural Gas Resources
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Michael Benedict Yamoah
Thesis Title: Managing the environment in the era of sustainable development: Options for convergent and coherent national implementation of the post-2015 agreements
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Meiyao Yu
Thesis title: Establishing an assessment framework for eco-industrial park (EIP) development for developing and transition countries
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Tingting Zhang
Thesis title: Material Footprints for Corporations – a Tool for Management, Modelling, and Reporting
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