UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


BEET Behavioural Seminar and Experiment at St Augustine's School

12 April 2022

The Behavioural Environmental Economics Team (BEET) from the UCL Institute for Sustainable (ISR) organised a seminar at the school to discuss behavioural economics and the environment.

Students in classroom at St Augustine's school

BEET ran the seminar for Year 8 students at St Augustine's Federal School which covered common topics in environmental economics such as:

  • The tragedy of the commons
  • How to manage renewable resources
  • Behavioural economics applied to the environment

The seminar was part of the Westminster STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) week which aims to support young people to raise their aspirations, broaden their horizons and explore the world of STEAM.

Let's go fishing presentation

Associate Professor in Economics of Energy and the Environment, Dr Lorenzo Lotti, ran the seminar. His presentation was called ‘Behavioural Economics & Ponds. Psychological insights into how humans behaviour helps us explain why we make certain economic decisions’. He said:

Regardless of covering quite complex topics, students have been so participative and involved...so many thought-provoking comments, it has been so inspiring and refreshing talking to them and hearing more from such young and bright minds!”

The seminar was well received by staff and students of the school, and the Behavioural Environmental Economics Team are already planning further visits.