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COP21 RIPPLES Scenario Explorer now online

1 April 2020

The COP21 RIPPLES consortium announces the publication of the RIPPLES Scenario Explorer.


The COP21 RIPPLES consortium has been analysing the transformations in our energy systems and wider economy that are required to meet the long term goals of the Paris Agreement. Modelling teams from around the world produced national and global transition pathways in order to support the assessment of major components of the global transformation. This includes physical transformations, socio-economic implications and the required international cooperation. Those pathways were used to feed a diverse set of policy analysis on elements such as competitiveness, innovation, finance and inequalities, at scales ranging from individual countries to the EU and the global level.
Researchers from the UCL Energy Institute and Institute for Sustainable Resources played a number of key roles in the RIPPLES project, coordinating a modelling work package, using our models to develop global and national decarbonisation scenarios (TIAM-UCL, ENGAGE, UKTM), leading key analysis on the financial system implications of decarbonisation, and coordinating the development of the database for public dissemination of the results.

The newly generated scenarios can be found online at the IIASA-hosted COP21 RIPPLES Scenario Explorer. These are: 19 national in-country scenarios in eight countries (China, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Brazil) and 15 global scenarios from several modelling frameworks.

Modelling results were provided by researchers from Tsinghua University (China), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Université Grenoble Alpes (France), Wuppertal Institut für Klima (Germany), ENEA (Italy), CMCC (Italy), WiseEuropa (Poland), URFJ (Brazil), UCL (UK) and IDDRI. Colleagues at IIASA generously supported the project by hosting the results database, in order to facilitate the public access to this work.

A number of researchers from UCL EI and UCL ISR were involved in the COP21 RIPPLES project: Prof Michael Grubb, Dr Gabrial Anandarajah, Dr Alvaro Calzadilla Rivera, Dr Olivier Dressens, Dr Matthew Winning, Dr Nadia Ameli, Mr Paul Drummond, and Ms Jen Cronin.

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