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The Bartlett Morphology Group

The Bartlett Morphology Group seeks to advance research and practice in Morphology concerned with the built environment.

Made up of teaching and research staff, honorary research fellows, research students and associate members, the Group will offer a lively environment for both post-graduate and post-doctoral research.

Morphology is a cross-disciplinary subject, taught, researched and practised across the faculty. The Bartlett has different/ distinct morphological traditions that are world leading however it is not certain if we are maximising potential synergies between the different approaches.

There is widespread agreement that we need to promote the excellence that we already have in this field better, explaining in the process how we engage with morphology across the Schools / Units of the Bartlett so that others can better understand what we do.

In the last decades Morphology has expanded greatly within a range of disciplines and specialisms in The School within a wide range of disciplines and specialisms –architecture, urban design, planning, spatial analysis, space syntax, history and heritage studies. 

However research and interest groups tend to function in isolation from one another. We intend to rectify the lack of a common forum for researches and practitioners concerned with Morphology sharing ideas, methods and findings.

Therefore we propose to address the topic with different global outlooks; from design, physical science, social science, and critical humanities perspectives; from architectural, planning and real estate professional standpoints; as an analytical science and as a focus for cutting edge research and practice and research and practice-led teaching.


Graciela Moreno


UCL Energy Institute

Philip Steadman
Emeritus Professor of Urban and Built Form Studies and Research Fellow
Email: j.p.steadman@ucl.ac.uk

Graciela Moreno
PhD student
Email: g.moreno@ucl.ac.uk

Homeira Shayesteh
Research Associate
Email: h.shayesteh@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Planning

Stephen Marshall
Reader in Urban Morphology and Planning
Email: s.marshall@ucl.ac.uk

Feng-Shu Chang
PhD student
Email: f.chang.12@ucl.ac.uk

Brian Garcia
PhD student
Email: brian.garcia.09@ucl.ac.uk

Derry Oconnell
PhD student
Email: derry.oconnell@ucd.ie

Garry Stretton
PhD student

Yicong Yang
MRes student


Elsa Arcaute
Lecturer in Spatial Modelling and Complexity
Email: e.arcaute@ucl.ac.uk

Pete Ferguson
PhD student
Email: peter.ferguson.10@ucl.ac.uk

Roberto Murcio
Research Associate (MECHANICITY)
Email: r.murcio@ucl.ac.uk

Basil Vitins
Visiting PhD student 
Email: basil.vitins@ivt.baug.ethz.ch

Space Syntax Laboratory (Architecture)

Sam Griffiths
Email: sam.griffiths@ucl.ac.uk

Pheereeya Boonchaiyapruek
PhD student
Email: p.boonchaiyapruek.11@ucl.ac.uk

Ashley Dhanani
Research Associate
Email: ashley.dhanani@ucl.ac.uk

Garyfalia Palaiologou
PhD student
Email: g.palaiologou@ucl.ac.uk

Laura Narvaez Zertuche
PhD student
Email: l.zertuche@ucl.ac.uk

Past events

Morphological descriptions for an integrated BIM and smart cities framework
Dr Kinda Al Sayed 
Bartlett School of Architecture/Space Syntax Laboratory
Wednesday 22nd April 2015 (17.00-18.30)
Location: Chadwick 2.18

Conzenian research and the management of urban landscape heritage
Prof Jeremy Whitehand
Urban Morphology Research Group (UMRG)
University of Birmingham
Thursday 14th May 2015 (15.00-17.00)
Location: Chadwick 2.18

Integrating approaches to urban morphology: minimum elements and generic structure
Dr Karl Kropf
Built Form Resource Ltd  and UMRG, Univ. of Birmingham 
Wednesday 20th May 2015 (17.00-18.30)
Location: Malet Place Eng 1.20

An analytical approach to urban conservation: integrating the Conzenian and Configurational traditions in urban morphology
Dr Ye Zhang
National University of Singapore
(Visiting Bartlett School of Planning)
Monday 29th June 2015 (17.00-18.30)
Location: Central House, G01