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Sofia Prudencio Gamio

Sofia Prudencio Gamio is a student in the 2021-22 cohort of UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)'s Master of Public Administration (MPA).

Sofia Prudencio Gamio
Sofía is the proud godmother of an amazing 4-year-old girl and would like her to grow in a more equitable society, where diversity is the basis for development and prosperity. Regarding professional experience, Sofía has worked in the Peruvian public sector for over 20 years. In her last position as Executive President of Peru´s Public Procurement Supervisory Agency, she worked for a more transparent, innovative, and competitive procurement system. In her previous positions at the Ministries of Education and Development and Social Inclusion, she strengthened her passion for delivering public services with value. Her journey through public service has led her to the conviction that directionality and purpose are crucial elements in designing and implementing meaningful public policies, and she aspires to apply that learning in developing missions that change people´s lives. Sofía’s life wouldn’t be complete without reading female writers, especially Latin American ones, travelling and cats.