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Priming Public Financial Institutions for Green Innovation (PUFFIN)

An EIT Climate-KIC funded project working to align public financial institutions with climate targets through innovative green investments and strategies.

About the project 

Priming Public Financial Institutions for Green Innovation (PUFFIN) aims to influence the activities of public sector financial institutions (PSFIs) towards climate alignment for the green transition. We use an holistic structural and analytical framework to approach the macro-meso and micro-economics of the networked financial system. The directionality and additionality of public sector patient finance is under-realised, through adherence to a 'market failure/market fixing' model. Instead, we want to align the activities of PSFIs to be a 'market shaping' ecosystem, primed for green investment, including through new metrics, policies and missions, and through interaction with real economy actors. 

Briefing paper

As part of the first phase of the PUFFIN project, the team has produced a briefing paper aimed at project stakeholders, including our public sector financial institution partners.

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Working Papers

Related outputs

IIPP Seminar Series 2020-21 talk: Public Banks at a time of COVID-19: Opportunities, threats, just transitions
By Thomas Marois

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We are funded by EIT Climate-KIC for this project.