UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Mariga Thoithi

Mariga Thoithi is a student in the 2021-22 cohort of UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)'s Master of Public Administration (MPA).

Mariga Thoithi
Mariga is a Kenyan impact professional with a love for problem solving.
He’s worked in various communications, campaigns and advocacy positions across East, Southern and West Africa. His experience has been both deep and wide at managerial and strategy positions with organisations working in health technology and  health policy, oil and gas governance, peace and conflict resolution; art culture and advocacy, LGBT media, human rights and social entrepreneurship
He’s passionate about expanding the scope of his impact and through the MPA is hoping to pivot into impact through policy, innovation and governance research and implementation work globally. 
Currently working with New Nexus Energy carrying out research for public-private partnerships for equitable community benefits in Lithium Valley California, he’s working toward meshing his experience and learning to create new policy realities.