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Manufacturing health: A wake-up call for resilient economies

With the eruption of the global pandemic, countries around the world have seen economic, social and health system vulnerabilities exposed. Challenges in ramping up manufacturing capabilities and supply for ventilators and essential protective equipment have been striking. Governments are now rediscovering how resilience and readiness of industrial ecosystems are critical and shall guide a post-COVID industrial policy response. What makes an industrial ecosystem resilient? What have we learnt about public-private collaborations in rapid technology scaling-up? Can we expect a different geography of value chains in the post-COVID world? Can developing countries use the health sector and its technologies as drivers of inclusive and resilient structural transformation? This webinar explores these issues with a focus on national and international experiences.

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About the speakers

Tim Minshall

Tim Minshall is one of the world’s leading experts on innovation within the manufacturing sector. His recent research has focused on open innovation as a successful business strategy and on the transformation of manufacturing processes with the emergence of additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Rebecca Shipley

Rebecca Shipley is a mathematician who has pioneered the application of mathematical models in medicine. Her research investigates nervous system tissue engineering, where she works to design and test repair constructs, and on the use of computational modelling (in combination with high-resolution imaging) to understand cancerous tumour development and investigate the potential for individualised treatment.