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Javiera Petersen

Javiera Petersen is a PhD student at UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.

Javiera Peterson
Javiera has a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Economic Analysis at the University of Chile, and a Master in Global Economic Governance and Policy at SOAS.

Before joining IIPP, she worked as an external consultant at the World Bank in the Gender Disaggregated Labour Database (GDLD) which main aim is to fill an important information gap in global gender statistics on employment level, wages, labor income at detailed economic activity. She also worked as an economic advisor in the Chamber of Deputies of Chile during the legal discussion of structural tax reform of the country. Other work experience includes working at the Microdata Center at the University of Chile as a Research Assistant, and completing an internship in the Productive Development division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Javiera worked on an investigation into the role of CORFO (development agency in Chile) in Chile’s Development, this work was included in the book “The Future of National Development Banks” (2018) edited by Griffith-Jones and Ocampo, and published by Oxford University Press.

Javiera's research interests are focused on different aspects of economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a special interest in industrial policies, innovation policies, the political economy of development, and the green growth agenda. Her principal objective as a researcher at IIPP is to explore how innovation policies can become into growth policies in the Global South and, with this, pushing for a rethinking and redesigning of the development agenda developing countries need to face pressing local and global challenges.


Email: javiera.muga.20@ucl.ac.uk
Twitter: @javi_petersen