UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Iacopo Gronchi

Iacopo Gronchi is a PhD student at UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.


Iacopo is a PhD candidate at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP). He's interested into forms of collective action that can accelerate and steer the direction of socio-technical innovation. In this respect, his work adopts a transdisciplinary approach – cutting through innovation, governance, management, and organisational studies. At the same time, Iacopo strives to bridge the depth of academic thinking with a sharp focus on everyday practice. In his parallel role as senior policy expert at think tank Demos Helsinki, Iacopo has provided advice to a vast range of stakeholders – including the Finnish GovernmentMeta, and the Laudes Foundation. Iacopo holds two graduate degrees in social sciences and political economy from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the University of Florence. Beforehand, he has worked across politics, the public sector, and academia.


Iacopo's PhD explores the governance and management of net-zero missions. In the last decade, public organisations across OECD countries have launched +80 missions that aim to achieve carbon neutrality in a short- to medium-time frame. However, there is still limited evidence on how such programmes can be designed and implemented effectively. In this context, Iacopo's research aims to advance two goals. The first is developing a set of heuristics that synthesise initial hypotheses and emergent learnings to support mission management practice. The second is engaging with practitioners on the ground in order to analyse their operational challenges and co-create with them potential ways forward. By doing so, Iacopo aims to empower political and administrative leaders with a hands-on strategy framework that can help them pursue net-zero missions successfully.