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The Neomercantilists: A global intellectual history

09 March 2022, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

The Neomercantilists: A Global Intellectual History

Join us to hear Eric Helleiner talk about his research on 'The Neomercantilists: A global intellectual history'. This talk will be chaired by IIPP’s Antonio Andreoni with a discussion from Olga Mikheeva (Marie Curie Research Fellow at IIPP). Followed by questions from the audience.

This event is free.

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At a time when critiques of free trade policies are gaining currency, it is important to understand the intellectual history of neomercantilist thought.

In this seminar, Eric Helleiner challenges dominant understandings of this history that focus on Friedrich List, highlighting the diverse origins of this ideology in many different parts of the world between the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries. The history illuminates neglected intellectual traditions that gave rise to distinctive varieties of neomercantilism around the globe, some of which have left enduring intellectual legacies.

Background material linked to this seminar

The Neomercantilist: A global intellectual history by Eric Helleiner.

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About the Speaker

Eric Helleiner

Professor and University Research Chair at University of Waterloo

Eric Helleiner
Eric Helleiner is Professor and University Research Chair in the Department of Political Science and Balsillie School of International Affairs at the University of Waterloo. A graduate of the London School of Economics, his most recent books are Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods (Cornell 2014), The Status Quo Crisis (Oxford 2014), Governing the World's Biggest Market (Oxford 2018) and The Neomercantilists: A Global Intellectual History (Cornell, 2021). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and has received the IPE Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association. More about Eric Helleiner