UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this difficult and unsettling time, IIPP is committed to supporting its students and staff while offering our thinking and methods on how to steer the economy towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spiralling the world into multiple and inter-related crises: health, social and economic. At IIPP during this difficult time, we are trying to keep our staff and students safe while offering our thinking and methods on how to steer the economy towards meeting societal goals.

Through the use of online platforms and video calling, we have kept IIPP’s teaching and MPA programme energised and effective despite the pandemic. As members of an institute focused on innovation and dynamism, both faculty and students have embraced the challenge. This has meant using new technologies as well as adopting new practices to keep our community of scholars connected. This has been an opportunity to learn, stretch and experiment, and our teaching now reaches across 12 time zones.

IIPP’s network of academic faculty, Fellows and students have also been using their expertise in a range of areas to provide expert comment in the media about COVID-19 and the wider economic, public health and sociological implications of the virus. 

Read more about the ways in which IIPP is working to support students and staff — both within IIPP and from across UCL — as well as links to IIPP coverage on COVID-19 below.