The Bartlett School of Planning


Urban Regeneration

Examining the inter-relationship between property markets and planning and urban regeneration.

Key issues

Our research on urban regeneration looks at:

  • the effectiveness and sustainability of urban regeneration in the UK, Europe and other international contexts.
  • housing supply
  • housing affordability
  • social cohesion and sociological enquiry of the representation of space
  • questions of identity and the engagement of different groups in space
  • the impacts of housing growth and demand on communities and house building industry practice

Research projects

Selecting and Allocating Land for Housing Development: Politics, Expedient Sites, Regional Planning and Localism
Nick Gallent, Manuela Madeddu (LSBU) and Iqbal Hamiduddin

The Politics of Scale and Network Building in Spatial Planning
Nick Gallent

Branding Berlin in the New Century: the Politics of Urban Imaging
Claire Colomb

Housing Space Standards in Italy and England
Nick Gallent

Housing Affordability, House Price Influences and Local Priority in Rural England
Nick Gallent with Steve Robinson and Colin Buchanan and Partners

Restoring Collective Interest in Urban Development
Michael Edwards

Work / Life Integration and the Office of the Future
Michael Edwards, Ziona Strelitz (ZZA) and Dalia Ben-Galim

Vision for a Sustainable, Multi-Functional Rural-Urban Fringe
Nick Gallent, Johan Andersson, Marco Bianconi and Frazer Osment

Urban Fringe: Policy, Regulation and Literature Research
Nick Gallent, Marion Shoard, Johan Andersson, Marco Bianconi and Richard Oades

Policy Advice on Second Homes in Rural Areas
Nick Gallent, Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Alan Mace

Working Together: A Guide for Planners and Housing Providers
Nick Gallent, Mathew Carmona and Sarah Carmona

Housing in the European Countryside
Nick Gallent and Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Evaluation of the King's Cross partnership
Michael Edwards and Emmanuel Mutale

Incubators of Public Spaces
Stephen Marshall, Nikos Karadimitriou and Andrew Hudson-Smith