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SDG Accelerator PARTNERS

The SDG Research Accelerator builds on and promotes knowledge creation and knowledge transfer between academics, public and private sector partners.

UCL SDGs Research Accelerator Partners

Photo: Cytonn Photagraphy / Unsplash 

The SDG Research Accelerator’s activities draw on and facilitate research collaborations between academics, public institutions, private businesses, civil society organisations and the wider public. We believe that to achieve a sustainable future, we all have a role to contribute.

The SDG Research Accelerator aims to co-create scientific solutions and supports knowledge transfer in cities. The initial focus has been on London and Stockholm, and this has been made possible through the UCL Cities Partnerships Programme (Stockholm) and a long-standing partnership between UCL and the Stockholm Trio, made of Karolinska InstituteKTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University.

The SDG Research Accelerator builds on this legacy and aims to advance further the alignment of climate and health goals in cities, by working in close partnership with relevant stakeholders and in synergy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Call for academic partners

The SDG Research Accelerator supports transdisciplinary research that builds on academic, community, policy and/or industry knowledge in order to align climate and health goals in cities in partnership with relevant stakeholders and in synergy with UN SDGs.

UCL SDG Research Accelerator NEW

Be the accelerator

Are you a UCL researcher working on SDG3 (health), SDG11 (urban), SDG13 (climate) and/or SDG17 (partnerships) goals or targets? Would you like to engage with the Accelerator? Tell us about your research here. 

If you're a researcher outside of UCL and would like to get in touch with us, please contact catalina.turcu@ucl.ac.uk

For partners outside academia

The SDG Research Accelerator aims to co-create sustainable solutions to current urban challenges in collaboration with partners outside academia. It welcomes policy and industry partners to contribute on their terms and according to their interests and capacities. There are three types of partnership model:
  • Key partners: co-finance research and/or other initiatives, and/or participate in the SDG Research Accelerator Board.
  • Knowledge partners: take part in the joint development of knowledge and communication.
  • Donor partners: contribute time and/or funding.

By joining the UCL SDG Research Accelerator, partners have the opportunity to amplify their reach, enter a shared network with other partners working on similar issues, and have access to the latest research to support their policy or business decisions. To get involved, contact catalina.turcu@ucl.ac.uk.