The Bartlett School of Planning


MPlan students reflect on experiences in new MasterPlan Zine

26 October 2022

Students from the 2020-22 cohort of the MPlan City Planning recently won funding from UCL ChangeMakers to produce a ‘MasterPlan Zine’ to reflect upon their experiences on the programme.

MPlan zine contents

Guided by the programme director, Dr Michael Short, Hannah Averbeck and Harrison Brewer produced a zine which explored their experiences of navigating the 2-year master’s programme as well as insights from many of the students in their cohort on city planning issues as they see them. For the inaugural issue, the editors decided to define the theme as ‘beginnings and endings’ both in homage to their departure from the course but also as a nod to the programme’s fifth birthday. The zine project will be handed over to the following 2021-23 cohort for the next edition.