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How to Build a City in 10 Simple Steps

24 April 2015

How to Build a City in 10 Simple Steps

With Egypt unveiling plans to construct a brand new capital east of Cairo, World Travel Guide talks to city planners and architects to devise a checklist for building the perfect city.

As the Arab world’s largest metropolis, Cairo can be a cacophony of clatter, colour and choking car fumes; an overcrowded, overpopulated capital that’s long been bursting at the borders.

This much, Egypt’s politicians know: they’ve tried to expand several times, erecting new enclaves like Nasr City and New Cairo, which Cairo soon swallowed up.

Now they’ve announced that Capital City Partners, the investment group behind some of Dubai’s dazzling monoliths, will head up this new desert mega-development.

But what does a new city need to be successful? World Travel Guide spoke to the Bartlett School of Planning's Dr Robin Hickman and other city planning experts to find out.

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