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Dr Robin Hickman

Dr Robin Hickman

Reader in Transport and City Planning

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2011

Research summary

Robin has authored and contributed to a number of policy research studies concerning sustainable transport and urban structure and travel, including:

Sustainable Transport

  • E-learning course on sustainable mobility with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (2019-2020), using FutureLearn, for use by practitioners in the Global South

  • The Automobility System: Framing, Impacts and Discourses (Greenpeace Germany, 2016-18)

  • Travel Vulnerability in London and Manila, University of Oxford, UCL, De La Salle University (Newton Fund, British Council, 2015-17)

  • Sustainable Integrated Tram-Based Transport Operations for Peripheral European Regions (SINTROPHER PLUS) (EU INTERREG IVB, 2007-14, 2014-17)

  • Synergy of New Advanced Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in North-West Europe (SYNAPTIC) (EU, INTERREG IVB, 2012-13)

  • INTRA-SIM Auckland (University of Auckland, Auckland Council, 2010-13)

  • Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in Jinan, China (VIBAT-Jinan) (University of Oxford Future of Cities Programme, 2010-11)

  • INTRA-SIM Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire County Council, 2009-10)

  • Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in London (VIBAT-London) (for UrbanBuzz, HEFCE, 2007-09) [http://www.vibat.org]

  • VIBAT-UK (UK DfT, 2005-06)

 Urban Structure and Travel

  • Planning for Sustainable Travel (UK CfIT, 2008-09)

  • Rural Streets and Lanes: A Design Handbook (Kent Downs AONB Unit, 2007)

  • Sustainable Cities Manual: Transport (UK CABE, 2008-09)

  • Science Review on How to Design a Sustainable Environment (UK DTI Foresight Panel, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Project, 2007)

  • Transport and City Competitiveness: Literature Review (UK DfT, 2002)

  • Going to Town: Improving Town Centre Access (for the NTPF and DTLR, a companion guide to PPS6, 2002).
Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia

  •  Improving Multi-Modal Interchange Hubs in China: An Illustrated Guide (ADB, 2013-14)

  •  Major Projects and Carbon Footprinting (ADB, 2012)

  •  Changing Course in Sustainable Urban Transport. An Illustrated Guide (ADB, 2010-11)

  •  VIBAT-India and Delhi (ADB, 2008)

He has also project managed and contributed to numerous transport planning projects and masterplanning projects whilst in consultancy, including Smarter Travel Choice investment in Local Transport Plans (LTP3) (Sustrans and FoE, 2011); the DaSTS Corridor 10 study (London-Leeds) (DfT, 2010); the North London Sub-Regional Transport Scoping Study (TfL); Thames Gateway Integrated Transport and Land Use Study (TfL); Canning Town and Royal Docks Transport Study (TfL); Park Royal Strategic Masterplan (PRP); Cambridge Northern Fringe and Eastern Expansion Studies (Cambridge County Council); Brixham Masterplan; Camborne, Pool and Redruth Masterplan; Coatesville Mainstreet Revitalisation (USA); and Merseytram Design Guide (Merseytravel).

Teaching summary

Robin is Director of the MSc in Transport and City Planning and coordinates/lectures on the following courses (see course outlines at: http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/planning/programmes/postgraduate):

MSc Transport and City Planning

Transport Planning and the City

MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery

Sustainability and Infrastructure Projects

MSc in Sustainable Urbanism

Sustainable Urban Development - Key Themes

Group Project (Detroit/Stockholm)

Planning Project/Dissertation

He continues to occasionally guest lecture at the TSU, University of Oxford, and has previously at the University of Westminster.


University College London
Dr, Planning studies | 2007


Robin is Reader (Associate Professor) at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, and Director of the MSc in Transport and City Planning at UCL. 

He has been a Visiting Research Associate at the Transport Studies Unit (TSU), University of Oxford (2011-2016); a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta (2016); and a Research Fellow at the TSU (2009-2011). He was Associate Director, leading on transport research at Halcrow (2004-2011); and worked on masterplanning and transport research at Llewelyn Davies (1999-2004) and local transport planning at Surrey County Council (1995-1999). 
  • Hickman, R., Mella Lira, B., Givoni, M. and Geurs, K. (Eds.) (2019) A Companion to Transport, Space and Equity. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Hickman, R., Givoni, M., Bonilla, D. and Banister, D. (Eds.) (2015) Handbook on Transport and Development. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Hickman, R. and Banister, D. (2014) Transport, Climate Change and the City. Abingdon, Routledge.
Best practice guides
  • Chen, C-L., Hickman, R. and Saxena, S. (2015) Improving Interchanges. Toward Better Multimodal Railway Hubs in the People's Republic of China. Manila, ADB.
  • Hodgson, J., King, C., Hickman, R. (2015) Interchange Best Practice Guidelines, EU Sintropher project. Interreg IVB, UCL, London.
  •  Hickman, R., Framer, P., Breithaupt, M. and Saxena, S. (2011) Changing Course in Sustainable Urban Transport. An Illustrated Guide. Manila, ADB.
  • Hickman, R., Hamilton-Baillie, B., and Purkiss, J. (2009) Rural Streets and Lanes. A Design Handbook for the Kent Downs. London: Halcrow Group.
  • Pharoah, T., Hickman, R. and Herbert, J. (2002) Going to Town: Improving Town Centre Access. A Companion Guide to PPS6. London: Llewelyn Davies, for the NRPF and ODPM.

He has also developed over 100 journal articles, book chapters, published reports and working papers. He has a regular column, ‘Off the Rails’, in the Town & Country Planning journal. He gained his PhD at the BSP in 2007.