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Auckland as a "hyperautomobile" city

13 October 2014

Hickman Auckland Hypermobility

The BSP's Dr Robin Hickman and the University of Oxford's Prof. David Banister have published an article in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning (16, 419-435), titled Hyperautomobility and Governmentality in Auckland

A number of cities around the world are associated with very high levels of private motor car usage, and Auckland provides an example of one of these ‘hyperautomobile’ cities. There are many problems with this system of transportation and dependence on the private car, including environmental, social and city design dimensions. This paper develops future scenarios to 2041 to reduce these levels of motorization, and subsequent transport CO2 emissions, with a much greater use of public transport, walking and cycling, urban planning, and low emission vehicles. The current implementability of such a ‘sustainable mobility’ future is however questioned in the current political and social context, and critically debated in terms of the available governance mechanisms and the limited attempts to shape the behaviour of the public.