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Catch up on series one of the Building Better podcast

23 June 2021

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Over the past six months, host Christoph has spoken to researchers from all across the Bartlett about many interesting things in Building Better: The Bartlett Podcast. 

We've learned that we live in a city that is fast, but also slow and that setting one's own speed is a privilege. That this city is filled with spaces that are more than they seem, some are safe spaces, others are not, and you can’t always tell if a space is private, especially if it’s open to the public. We learned that if you walk through London, like many of our researchers do, you can learn a lot about the history of the city through its buildings and, if you listen carefully, even the trees talk.

Explore series one of Building Better:

Episode 1: Taking up space

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Episode 2: Looking backwards to look forwards

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Episode 3: Space and the City

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Episode 4: After the crisis, should London slow down? 

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Episode 5: How should we heat our homes? 

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Episode 6: How do you dissolve an industry fairly?

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If there’s a question  about the built environment you’d like our host or guests to answer, email us at bartlett.comms@ucl.ac.uk or tweet @BartlettUCL.