The Bartlett


Meet some of our student ambassadors

2 March 2020

UCL is not only a world-renowned institution, which houses a number of incredibly progressive and pioneering faculties such as the Bartlett School, which has been continuously rated a top, standard-defining global school for built subjects, but is also an intellectually stimulating, incredibly diverse and rewarding environment at the forefront of impactful, rigorous research and teaching.

Our students make UCL who we are. Their spirit and ingenuity are reflected in their innovative and boundary-pushing projects that aim to meet the grand challenges of our time.

Meet some of our student ambassadors, who share their perspectives on their student experiences at the Bartlett and life in the capital.

We will introduce one ambassador every week in a series of features.

Tsz Man Yuen, Student Ambassador

“I’m a first cohort MPA student from the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) of the Bartlett - one of the best places for policy innovation. At IIPP we believe innovation is political and is no longer only about fixing markets and cost-benefit calculations, but we learn how to co-create and co-shape public and market value.

We also welcome uncertainty and concentrate on dynamic spillovers. Prof. Mariana Mazzucato is the head and the brain of our department! My classmates come from a wide range of backgrounds including government, diplomacy, media, think tanks, consultancy, academia, NGOs, business and finance. Discussions in lectures and seminars are truly global and invigorating with fellow students from all corners of the globe – from Australia, Europe to Canada; Africa, Asia to Latin America.”