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Bartlett China Academission 2017 | 巴特莱特-中国 学者访问 2017

4 October 2017

The Bartlett Dean Alan Penn will lead a delegation of senior academics to China in October and November 2017.


Many Bartlett academics make frequent visits to China and there is fruitful ongoing engagement with Chinese partners, academics, professionals, alumni, and government officials – including delivering executive education training short courses both in the UK and China. 

Accordingly, The Bartlett is delighted to announce that Dean Professor Alan Penn will be leading a delegation of senior academics to China this autumn. The destinations for this major Academission is as shown in the travel map below.


There will be a symposium on the theme URBAN SPACES: how to create, retain, enhance and measure value at each destination, where both The Bartlett and local academics  will share their views, followed by a discussion and Q&A sessions.

All symposia are based at a local university and will be chaired by Deans of the hosting institution departments. These are public lectures and students from other local universities and professionals are very welcome.  Details are in the table below – please register your interest.

A crucial time for urban development

Dean Prof Alan Penn comments “The timing of this visit could not be at a more important time for China who are addressing the tensions between economic prosperity, heritage, environment and resources and health and welfare. In addressing these tensions ‘value’ will be created. The role of the knowledge base to generate the evidence to help inform development of more vibrant urban-rural places to live and work has never been more critical than now.” 

China’s strategic development programmes such as ‘Belt and Road’ and Xiongan have aspirations to construct modern world-class, green, sustainable, resilient and smart cities whilst preserving the ecology; enjoying blue skies; fresh air and good ‘sponge-city’ water management. 

Economic prosperity in these new zones will benefit from development of policies to support high-end innovative industries as new growth engines – but this will demand high quality public services, infrastructure and transportation serviced by new urban management models.


Enhancing value in the built environment

The Bartlett’s academics will share their experience on how disciplines such as urban spatial masterplanning, new paradigms for real estate design, delivery and management; innovative financing mechanisms, digital innovation; public spaces and regeneration can create, retain and enhance value – and how to measure it.

David Cobb, The Bartlett’s Director of Business Development, commented on the Academission schedule: “The delegation will also meet with other local universities and, beyond discussing research and other forms of collaboration with them (with whom some MoUs may be signed), they will meet professionals and investors – all wishing to discuss how they can gain additional value from their activities. 

"The planned schedule is extremely intensive with many government meetings at Provincial and municipal levels.  Add to that additional meetings with a number of British Consul-Generals and Embassy staff in Beijing UCL’s academics are going to be fairly busy! Finally, a special UK-China Architecture Forum has been arranged in Guangzhou whose timing celebrates the presence of The Bartlett in China.”


Event details

Where to meet The Bartlett’s academics – and how to register
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Hong Kong - 23 October

In attendance: Dean Prof Alan Penn, Dr Claire McAndrew, Prof Claudio De Magalhaes, David Cobb, Prof Andrew Edkins

Venue: Hong Kong University
Followed by UCL Built Environment Club Cocktail Reception, sponsored by HKU FoA (free)
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Guangzhou - 24 - 26 October 

In attendance: Dean Prof Alan Penn, Dr Claire McAndrew, Prof Claudio De Magalhaes, David Cobb, Prof Andrew Edkins

24th October at 19:00hrs-21:00hrs
Venue: South China University of Technology
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Urban Space Design Concepts: Workshop
Thursday 26th October (full day)
UCL Academics in afternoon session at 14:00-17:00hrs
Organised by China-Britain Business Council and British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong
Venue: 22/F, British Centre 
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Wuhan - 27 - 30 October

In Attendance:
Dean Prof Alan Penn, Dr Claire McAndrew, David Cobb, Prof Andrew Edkins, Prof Wu Fulong

Friday 27th October at 19:30hrs-21:30hrs
Venue: Wuhan University
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Shanghai - 30 - 31 October

In Attendance: Dean Prof Alan Penn, Dr Claire McAndrew, David Cobb, Prof Andrew Edkins, Prof Wu Fulong, Dr Chang Chen-Yu

Monday 30th October at 18:30hrs-20:30hrs
Venue: Tongji University 
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UCL Built Environment Club (Shanghai) Reception (free)
Tuesday 31st October at 18:00hrs-20:00hrs
Venue: Naked Hub Beijing Lu
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Beijing 1 - 3 November

In Attendance: Dean Prof Alan Penn, Dr Claire McAndrew, David Cobb, Prof Wu Fulong, Dr Chang Chen-Yu, Prof Tim Stonor

UCL Built Environment Club (Beijing) Reception (free)
Wednesday 1st November at 18:30hrs-20:30hrs
Venue: Haskolls Architects, SanLiTun 
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Thursday 2nd November at 15:30-17:30hrs
Venue: Tsinghua University
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List of Academissioners:

  • Prof Alan Penn, Dean of The Bartlett
  • Prof Andrew Edkins, Director of The Bartlett’s new Real Estate Insitute
  • Prof Wu Fulong, The Bartlett School of Planning
  • Prof Claudio De Magalhaes, Chair in Urban Management and Regeneration, The Bartlett School of Planning
  • Dr Claire McAndrew, Director of Research, The Bartlett’s new Institute for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment
  • Dr Chang Chen-Yu, Director of The Bartlett Infrastructure Centre, School of Construction and Project Management
  • Prof Tim Stonor, Managing Director of The Bartlett spin-out company Space Syntax
  • David Cobb, tour manager and The Bartlett Director of Business Development