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Soo Ware Receives UCL Life Learning Award

22 June 2015

Soo Ware Receives UCL Life Learning Award

The Bartlett School of Architecture Faculty Tutor Susan (Soo) Ware and her team were presented with UCL’s Life Learning Award on 10 June 2015, in recognition of the outstanding quality of their course, Professional Practice & Management in Architecture ARB/RIBA Part 3.

The Life Learning Award was presented at UCL’s 8th annual Awards for Enterprise, which recognise the innovation and entrepreneurship of UCL academics and students. The Life Learning Award is given to those academics and teams who have created and implemented short courses of exceptional quality and innovation.

The RIBA Part 3 has been offered by The Bartlett School of Architecture since 1934 and is the most intensive programme in the UK. The programme’s prestigious reputation for rigour and excellence is balanced by its sustained dedication to innovation. The RIBA Part 3 offers academic study and hands-on experience in a part-time, modular and flexible format, making it an ideal course for working professionals. 

In addition to its excellent tuition, the programme takes advantage of The Bartlett’s extensive network to provide students with the opportunity for long-term connections and relationships. The RIBA Part 3 appeals to international students as well, as it incorporates their unique needs while they become accredited in the UK. 

The Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the world’s most reputable and pioneering architecture schools, and it offers a wide range of programmes. Soo has personally taught around 10% of the 33,000 registered architects in the UK over her 25-year career.

Upon receiving the Life Learning Award Soo said: ‘It was a wonderful surprise to receive the award. It’s a team effort: it involves a great many of us teaching in various specialist aspects and involves many people from within the UCL professional network, outside it, and alumni we have kept in touch with. I am very grateful to the team of staff who work with me; without them I would never manage the workload!’

UCL and The Bartlett School of Architecture are dedicated to maximising the global reach and impact of their programmes, and short courses such as the RIBA Part 3 are an essential aspect of making the university accessible and publicly engaged in order to foster a lifelong community.

‘The Bartlett School of Architecture has an outstanding reputation,’ Soo says. ‘People come from all over the world because they want the UCL and the Bartlett School of Architecture badge on their CV.’