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Bartlett team wins London Chamber of Commerce and Industry funding

8 October 2013

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The Bartlett and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) have teamed up to design a series of workshops promoting eco-design amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in London.

The LCCI has sought The Bartlett’s expertise in sustainable building and invited the faculty to submit a proposal for a strategy to deliver guidance and training in the adoption of eco-design to SMEs. The team from The Bartlett will be able to access their own cross-disciplinary networks and knowledge to enhance the LCCI’s resources and reassure the SMEs of the value gained from a sustainable approach to construction.

Three academics have been chosen as representatives of The Bartlett’s holistic approach to tackling issues of the built environment and have met with the LCCI, who have agreed to allocate funding to The Bartlett to allow the team to carry out their proposal.

Dr Aeli Roberts and Richard Hind, from the School of Construction and Project Management and Oliver Wilton, from The Bartlett School of Architecture, last week began work with the project co-ordinators to develop designs for a series of half-day workshops. 40 London-based SMEs will take part in the project, each one participating in a workshop tailored to their specific needs.

The building supply chain is a huge consumer of resources and SMEs make up a significant proportion of the wider construction industry in the UK. This makes them a key target in the drive towards both limiting the industry’s negative impact on the environment and promoting the UK construction industry as a global leader in eco-design.