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The Bartlett assesses the sustainability of its own estate

15 May 2012


Bartlett experts regularly advise government and industry on reducing built environment –related carbon emissions but in a bold move Alan Penn, Dean of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at UCL, decided that his own Faculty should be subject to the same scrutiny.

“At the Bartlett we believe in working towards a sustainable built environment for all, and it is important not to forget the buildings and energy we ourselves use on a daily basis. We try to make a difference through research and teaching but we recognise that we also have a responsibility as a major institution in central London.”

In late 2011, the Bartlett made a positive bid toward improving the sustainability of its real estate by contracting an energy consultant to assess the sustainability performance of the Faculty and to make recommendations on how to improve it. The Bartlett’s Green Action Team is currently developing an action plan in response to the key findings and recommendations of the report.

Recommendations from the report include the development of a sustainability management plan, the adoption of monitoring procedures, information and awareness campaigns and audits and improvements to buildings.

The review was undertaken by XRG Ltd, a consultancy headed by a doctoral researcher at the UCL Energy Institute.  The review identified particular areas of concern and priorities for Bartlett staff and students within the context of the UK Higher Education Industry.  

The UCL Energy Institute provides another example of how Bartlett students are getting involved in improving the sustainability of Faculty buildings.  MRes students turned the first floor of Central House, where the Institute is housed, into a living lab. They based their dissertations on heating and lighting from energy use and occupant satisfaction perspectives and were able to relay the results and suggested improvements to the building managers. 

The Bartlett also regularly gets involved in UCL green initiatives and a team of green champions at the Bartlett Schools of Architecture and Planning recently achieved the bronze award in the UCL Green Impact Programme for the improvements to sustainability at Wates House.

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