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IGP Placement Programme

Where talented IGP MSc students and impact organisations tackle challenges together

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Our student placement programme is a unique opportunity for organisations dedicated to social impacts and students from the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity to collaborate on a challenge-based project.

Our  4-months programme pairs exceptional MSc students specialising in Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Global Prosperity; or Prosperity, People and Planet with social enterprises, councils, NGOs, and impact-driven startups, creating a dynamic collaboration to address existing organisational challenges in achieving tangible impact.

"This experience is opening a lot of new doors in the UK. First of all, due to the placement, I have been able to keep in touch with some of the social enterprises I met and now I am working with some of them in my dissertation. Additionally, this job experience is the first step to getting into the UK job market and it’s a clear proof of what PIE students can contribute to different industries."

Ignacio Gutierrez Gomez  (Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc Student 2022-23)

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Our Organisation Partners

We partner with a range of social enterprises and purpose-driven organisations from across the globe who are working with us to provide a challenge-oriented work experience for our MSc candidates before their graduation.

To date, we’ve paired students with organisations such as Hackney Council and Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem. 

Why get involved?

For Organisations 

For students    

  • Access Top Talent: Gain the expertise of passionate MSc students, equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in creating positive change.

  • Fresh Perspectives: Our students bring innovative ideas and diverse perspectives, invigorating your organisation's approach to tackling social challenges.

  • Real-World Impact: Collaborate with our students to design and implement solutions that create tangible and lasting social impact within your organisation and community.

Become a partner 

  • Real-World Experience: Bridge the gap between theory and practice by implementing tools and materials you’ve learned in a real situation.
  • Personal Growth: Develop essential capabilities such as project management, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork to advance your career.
  • Expanding Your Network: Connect with like-minded professionals with a shared passion for social purpose, and open doors to exciting career opportunities and collaborations.

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    Induction & Application

    Screening & Matchmaking


    PlacementPlacement Final 

    1-hour induction session to introduce the programme. 

    Students submit CVs and Cover Letters and select three organisation choices.

    Candidates will be screened based on eligibility criteria.

    Successful candidates will be matched with aligned organisations and opportunities

    Students are introduced to line managers and then start the placement with regular check-ins with the IGP faculty to ensure progress and support



    Programme concluded with students presenting the placement deliverable

    Apply for a placement  Become a partner

    If you’re not yet a current student, and you’re interested in our placement programme for students, apply to study at the IGP today.