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Painting connections: Sharing economies in the creative Wick

Hackney Wick and Fish Island communities participate in an informal sharing economy, but the area is facing rapid regeneration as part of the Olympic Legacy programme.

A painting of a man's face on a wall

9 August 2016

IGP is collaborating with UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, together with the Cultural Interest Group and local citizen scientists to explore networks of sharing and interaction in Hackney Wick and Fish Island (HWFI).

We ask how and why this community is able to sustain such informality, collectivity and creativity. Our work aims to build an understanding of what the sharing economy looks like and explore its value. Artists will then respond to the findings through their creative practice.

The HWFI community is rich in expertise, but not always money. By looking at its strengths and vulnerabilities we can better understand the ways precarious communities can become more resilient.