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Fuse - Youth Prosperity in East London

An academy for passionate young people with an interest for social innovation in East London

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23 January 2022

Fuse is a co-design project led by youth design agency The PlugHackney Quest youth charity and the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL. Fuse responds to the complex challenges young people growing up in east London face to achieve their aspirations in a context of widening inequalities and COVID-19 economic failure.

Fuse follows a 4-step research and design process: Discover, Develop, Design, Deliver. The team – including six young designers trained and employed on the project – will address the following questions:

1. What does it take for young people in east London to live prosperous lives?

2. How can local businesses & organisations, both individually & collaboratively, facilitate and support young people’s prosperity?

The team is working collaboratively with the London Legacy Development Corporation’s Legacy Youth Voice team and Good Growth Hub. This innovative partnership will support the implementation of research findings and design solutions; ensuring that Fuse’s work has an impact for years to come.

Fuse will also deliver a second iteration of the Youth Prosperity model: a visual representation of what prosperity means for young people who live in east London. It develops previous work in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Camden, which you can read about in the Rethinking prosperity: Perspectives of young people living in East London working paper. 

Fuse is funded by UCL, the London Legacy Development Corporation and the Wick Award