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Enhancing science–policy interfaces for food systems transformation

IGP's Professor Jacqueline McGlade is co-author on this paper for the Nature Food journal

Field of crops

5 June 2023

Authors: Brajesh K. Singh, Tom Arnold, Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano, Jacqueline Broerse, Gianluca Brunori, Patrick Caron, Olivier De Schutter, Shenggen Fan, Jessica Fanzo, Evan Fraser, Mirjana Gurinovic, Marta Hugas, Jacqueline McGlade, Christine Nellemann, Jemimah Njuki, Roberta Sonnino, Hanna L. Tuomisto, Seta Tutundjian, Patrick Webb & Justus Wesseler 

The anticipated failure of many countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 necessitates the assessment of science–policy engagement mechanisms for food systems transformation. We explore options for enhancing existing partnerships, mandates and resources — or reimagining a new mission — for science–policy interfaces.

The global food system is facing major interconnected challenges, including climate change, natural resource depletion, biodiversity loss, malnutrition, food insecurity, inequity and preventable ill-health, all of which are exacerbated by the fragmentation of food systems and policy incoherence. Addressing these challenges will require a transformation of food systems that shifts humanity towards healthier diets from sustainable food systems, thus ensuring more equitable food and nutrition security.

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