UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Farmer Led Regenerative Agriculture for Africa


9 February 2022

Lunn-Rockliffe, S., Davies, M.I., Willman, A., Moore, H.L., McGlade, J.M. and Bent, D. 2020

Our findings demonstrate that a major barrier sits at the intersection between 1) the general validation of broad principles and diverse techniques and 2) the need for context specific Regenerative Agriculture at the farm level. We argue that what is needed to breach this barrier is not a specific formulation of Regenerative Agriculture per se. Instead, there needs to be a replicable and scalable process for farmers to design and produce Regenerative Agriculture on their own terms with communities and policymakers across ecosystems.

This approach does not envisage a wholesale restructuring of agricultural practice in Africa under the technical expertise of agronomic specialists. Instead, if farmers are empowered to iteratively design the management of their own regenerative systems, then this will enhance existing good practice and counter the negative impacts of an increasing reliance on external inputs and industrial models of production.

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