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Prosperity in East London

The Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) is collaborating with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to explore what long-term prosperity means for communities in East London.

IGP Prosperity in East London research project

Researchers are recruiting citizen scientists and collaborating with the local communities of three research sites: Hackney Wick, Stratford and East Village.

This research will enable IGP researchers and LLDC staff to:

  • learn about the areas in much greater detail than has previously been possible
  • involve the community
  • determine feasible pathways towards long-term prosperity, including economic, built environment and cultural, social and health-related considerations
  • define a set of indicators to assess whether the communities are progressing towards sustainable and equitable prosperity.

The indicators will inform the Prosperity Index, and the results will be open for the local communities to review and utilise.

Saffron Woodcraft leads the project, which is part-funded by IGP and part-funded by LLDC.

Follow our work and contribute your thoughts with #IGPEast.

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