UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Professor Maurizio Marinelli


Research Summary

Professor Marinelli’s research is located at the crossroads of Chinese historical geography, politics, and society. The strategy underpinning his research is avowedly comparative, transcultural, and transnational. Through this interdisciplinary lens, he explores the socio-spatial transformation of China, as a means to engage with larger related universally experienced themes such as the production of space, aesthetic regimes of power, the role of cultural heritage (across time and space) in the construction of transnational identity, the creation of liveable and sustainable cities; globalising China and the discourse of ecological civilization. 

At IGP, Prof. Marinelli leads the Asia Prosperity Research Hub (APRH) whose aim is to critically engage with the conceptualisation of prosperity in Asia, and the relevant sustainable pathways to prosperity, understanding the economic and social value systems, while taking into consideration country-specific historical conjunctures and cultural features of the Asian countries. 

His research focuses on socio-spatial transformation and geographies of the urban, and he is currently also writing a new single-authored manuscript for Bloomington Press entitled Hong Kong: Markets, Street Hawkers and the Fight against Gentrification, which looks at the unique function of street markets as spaces of collective identity and socio-ecological prosperity, where bottom-up practices of democratization take place.