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New cohort of citizen social scientists in Camden present their research plans to local Council

18 January 2024

In December 2023, a cohort of seven citizen social scientists presented to Camden Council their plans to conduct research that will then serve to inform and guide the council’s work across the borough.

meeting in Council

The group of citizen social scientists are part of the new Camden Citizen Scientists-in-Residence programme, a new collaboration between the IGP and  Camden Council, fully integrating citizen scientists into the Council’s engagement and policy teams. 

They have been so far receiving training in social science methodologies at the IGP led UCL Citizen Science Academy run by urban anthropologist Joseph Cook.

The research includes a variety of data collection methodologies, from ethnographies to interviews and quantitative surveys, and will investigate community issues including access to digital services and mental health.

The results will be used to inform the council’s investment plans for the community through their new Community Wealth Fund, and the work of the Council’s Tenant Engagement Programme.

Citizen social science is an emerging area of citizen science that involves the public in research projects focused on complex questions about human behaviour and how societies are organised.

The IGP is leading on the application of such research practice in order to make participation in research inclusive and accessible to people from all backgrounds, and to empower local communities in policy decisions that will affect their own livelihoods.

A collection of outputs from their research will be available in October 2024.