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Institute for Global Prosperity announces new Social Macroeconomics PhD Scheme

22 February 2024

IGP launches a new PhD scheme on Social Macroeconomics in collaboration with our research network Rebuilding Macroeconomics and the Global Solutions Initiative. The scheme aims to advance research on new approaches to the economy and the development of a new economic paradigm.

Students on campus

Key Details:

  • For admissions in: October 2024
  • Applications Open: February 2024
  • Closing Date: May 31st 2024
  • Scholarships available: One (UK home students and full tuition fees only)
  • Duration: Full time (3 years) or Part time (5 years) MPhil/PhD
  • Degree programme: Global Prosperity MPhil/PhD programme
  • Location: Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL based in London

About the Social Macroeconomics scheme

The Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) based at UCL and the Global Solutions Initiative (GSI) are interdisciplinary organisations committed to achieving shared prosperity for people and planet in the 21st century. Rebuilding Macroeconomics (RM) is a research network within IGP which aims to make macroeconomics relevant to meet these challenges.

This scheme is part of IGPs Global Prosperity MPhil/PhD programme. Joining our programme allows you to become part of a community of exceptional people striving to think bigger, challenge conventional orthodoxy and engage in exciting and thought-provoking research.

As part of this new scheme, you will have the opportunity to work and support research on various key themes which will also be linked to a new hub on Social Macroeconomics. We interpret the macroeconomy as a system to create and use knowledge in the context of fundamental uncertainty.

The main themes are:

1. Rethinking the economy and developing a new paradigm in the face of uncertainty
2. New empirical measurements of human and planetary flourishing
3. Future of digital governance, digital citizenship and social protection
4. New economics of climate change
5. Open access e-journal on new economic thinking

The research will be under the guidance and supervision of Professor Angus Armstrong (Professorial Research Fellow and Director of Rebuilding Macroeconomics at IGP), Professor William Hynes (Honorary Professor at IGP and Climate Economist at the World Bank) and Professor Dennis Snower (Honorary Professor at IGP and Founder and President of the GSI). It will advance the next phase of RMs work on Social Macroeconomics.

The hub supports inter-disciplinary research and thinking to develop a new approach to the economy and a new paradigm to influence policy-makers and decision-makers including the G7 and G20 and corresponding Think7 (T7) and Think20 (T20) engagement groups.

For details on how to apply and the admissions criteria please see the how to apply webpage. 

For details on the scholarship associated with the scheme, please see the scholarship announcement.

Our approach to PhD training

The Global Prosperity MPhil/PhD programme will give you:

  • A strong focus on innovative interdisciplinary research on new economic thinking that can advance global prosperity.
  • Practical skills training via the Bartlett and the UCL’s Doctoral School.
  • Encouragement to collaborate with your peers, colleagues from other disciplines and various citizen participants and stakeholder organisations.
  • The leverage of our extensive network of internal and external contacts, including our foremost partners within UCL, policy-makers, think tanks, academia, the social impact sector, as well as overseas partners.

About the IGP

The IGP is a world-leading trans-disciplinary research institution with a central mission to rebuild and redefine prosperity for the 21st century. Professor Henrietta L. Moore is the Founder and Director of the IGP. IGP works globally in many regions including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East collaborating with multiple stakeholders to think about new approaches to the economy and to co-create dynamic and sustainable pathways towards quality of life, secure livelihoods, and economic and social wellbeing for people and planet.

About Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Rebuilding Macroeconomics (RM) is a research network part of the IGP. Rebuilding Macroeconomics aims to transform macroeconomics into a policy relevant social science by putting direct human interaction in response to fundamental uncertainty at the centre of analysis. Professor Angus Armstrong is the Director. Professor Henrietta L. Moore and Professor Dennis J. Snower are part of the management team.

About the Global Solutions Initiative 

The GSI is a global collaborative enterprise comprised of a network of world-renowned thinktanks. It proposes policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20, the G7 and other global governance fora. The GSI was founded during the 2017 German G20 Presidency by the Initiative’s President Dennis J. Snower. The GSI is a stepping stone to the T20 and G20 Summits and supports the Think20 process for think tanks.