UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Professor McGlade to join UCL COP28 delegation team

27 November 2023

Jacquie McGlade, Professor of Sustainable Development and Resilience, and Lead of the Prosperity Co-Lab for Africa at the Institute for Global Prosperity, will be joining the UCL delegation to COP28 from 30 November to 12 December 2023.


Jacquie brings a wealth of expertise on carbon and biodiversity. Her work focuses particularly on unleashing the massive power of healthy soils and ecosystems to store carbon by shifting to regenerative farming practices and nature-based solutions underpinned by accurate data and evidence from the field.

Her innovative technology for the measurement of soil carbon sequestration has recently been awarded a US patent. This could help the farming industry worldwide make a significant contribution towards achieving the sustainability goals.

Follow her updates from COP28 at @JacquieMcGlade or via the hashtags:
#ClimateUCL #UCLGenerationOne