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Dr Ida Kubiszewski speaks on the UCL podcast ‘Unlocking the SDGs: A Blueprint for the Future’

11 December 2023

Associate Professor at the Institute for Global Prosperity Dr Ida Kubiszewski and Dr Kate Roll from the Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose are guest speakers on the second series of the UCL podcast to talk about the economics of the SDGs

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Dr Kubiszewski and Dr Roll discuss the need to rethink the whole financial system and institutions in order to address global inequality and climate vulnerability.

Dr Kubiszewski warns against using GDP as a measure for wellbeing, which doesn’t account for inequality.

She also highlights the need to tackle the most pressing issues we’re facing, from mass displacement to the climate emergency, at a global level, and the reality that we cannot afford not to.

“The cost of living and other things are happening because we’re not investing in some of these global issues. Whether you’re looking at climate change, inequality or the SDGs, they’re all connected. And if we don’t deal with them at a global level, things will get worse.”  

Dr Kubiszewski said. 

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